Baby Bowen Reviews

Baby Bowen is a practical, well laid out guide, that provides a logical path to its users to treat the main causes of colic in babies using Bowen. Baby Bowen addresses all the potential causes of discomfort in babies.

It is very effective at relieving muscle tension, aiding the digestive system of the baby, trapped nerves and realigning the spine, in the case of spinal trauma. Go through the Baby Bowen review to know about it in detail.

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What is the Product?

Baby Bowen is a useful tool that guides the mothers to treat the tummy problems of their newly born with few gentle moves.

The information contained in this product helps the parents to get their baby relived of wind, indigestion, constipation, acid reflux, bloatedness, or with the sleeping disorders.

Who is the Author?

A medically qualified Bowen practitioner-Dr. Carolyn Goh is the author of Natural Colic Relief With Baby Bowen.

She is not only passionate about Bowen therapy, but also an experienced Bowen practitioner. At present, she runs a private practice from Violet Hill Studios, London.

What is Included in the Program?

The main portion of the this guide contains a section that explains the basic concepts of Bowen, how it works and its origins. This gives a lot of useful information and answers all your queries that you have regarding the niche.

The next section includes the practical stuff which features information about techniques of doing the Bowen Move. This’s described well in detail.

Additionally, it includes a short video sequence which teaches you about the ways and techniques of doing this simple move.

Then there’re two separate parts, providing information about the Baby Bowen procedures. The 1st part of this section is all about the moves on the back of the baby, and the 2nd part provides knowledge about the moves on the front of the baby.

It is wise to practice and learn about the mover on a doll first, this way the baby isn’t overworked with the moves. As the moves may be gentle, but altogether they’re very powerful.

Both the parts of the guide feature clear pictures of the front and back moves. Each part contains a video showing the sequence of the moves. These’re repeated four times in different ways and from different angles.

Finally, there’re a few useful tips that provide information about various topics such as -how to ease colic, how to hold your baby after feeding, what a feeding mother should avoid eating, about some massage moves to ease the tummy of the baby, to name a few.

How Does It Work?

The Bowen move unlocks the ability of the baby’s body to heal the various issues of the body generated to imbalance in the nervous system, birth trauma or recent injury.


The Bowen moves are not at all painful. They lead to body stimulation for an appropriate response. The process enables the signals to be sent out by the nervous system to all the parts of the body.

These signals lead to increase in the blood flow to different body parts and resetting of the body in order to correct the imbalances, if any. Basically, this is just like pressing the reboot button on the computer.

The moves, act to bring back the balance in the nervous system in infants. The most unsettled babies possess an overactive fight that keeps them in the state of constant anxiety and tension.

By re-balancing both the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the nervous system they’ll feel the instant effects of serenity and calmness. Plus, they’ll also experience longer and deeper sleep.

By working directly on re-balancing the nervous system and the on muscle tissues the Bowen moves relaxes the tissue muscle and reduces tissue contraction.

Apart from re-balancing of the nervous system, the Bowen moves work directly on the muscles, relieving the little one with all kinds of tensions.

Moreover, Baby Bowen is extremely effective at releasing all kinds of tension in the diaphragm which is one of the major contributing factors in colic.

Moreover, Bowen is very effective at relaxing the diaphragm which further leads to prevention from hiccups, aiding in the breathing,digestive process and reflux.

Even at times the baby fills their nappy or passes wind without any effort during the treatment.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

Does your baby draw his legs up and starts crying or goes red in the face? Is her/his tummy gassy and bloated? Or he/she is suffering from constipation?

Seeing your little one in trouble you may start wondering what you’re doing wrong. Are you a bad mother? What can you do to help him/her? These’re all normal questions of almost every mother.

Well, if you are also one of those looking for the answers to these questions, you are a perfect candidate for this product.

Baby Bowen is meant for all the mothers/parents who need solutions for treating the respiratory, muscles, body or tummy issues of their baby.

The Pros

  • Provides detailed information about the Bowen moves
  • The clarity and brevity features of this book are praiseworthy.
  • A great for novices
  • Explains each and every move is explained in proper and easy to understand manner.

The Cons

  • Although realistic, but lacks inclusion of easy examples that the average reader can relate to.
  • The last chapter of the guide takes a strange turn from the theory-focused style to an agenda-ridden rant.

Does The Product Work?

A number of people have gained benefit with Baby Bowen. You can find a number of positive testimonials on the web about the product.

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In a nutshell, the product can be considered as the ultimate tool for triggering the natural responses of the baby’s body – that leads to healing of the various body issues naturally without any medication.


It’s a brief but comprehensive, concise, clear, helpful, accurate and practical guide that provides detailed information on the Bowen moves, in print. This is an ultimate product for the novice to become a seasoned expert in Bowen moves.

The users of this product highly recommend this guide to treat the body issues of the little ones without any medication. So get one now today!

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