Children Learning Reading Reviews

The most important trait that we would like to develop in our kid is learning. And unless our kids read, they can’t learn. So, reading is the basic quality which leads to bright and smart children.

We spent so much time is selecting the right school, right teachers and environment but as responsible parents, we can boost our children’s reading potential just by Children Learning Reading program.

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What is the product?

You may ask what this Children Learning program is all about. It is a simple and useful step-by-step learning program which will teach our kid how to read.

The unique and reliable learning to read system will help parents like us to teach our children how to read in a comparatively short period of time, without shouting and scolding.

It is a paper book based learning program which help us to spend quality time with our children by providing step wise guidance to read.

Who is the Creator?

The author or creator of this program is Jim Yang and Elena Yang. He has 3 kids – Raine who is 4 years 9 months old, Ethan who is of 2years 9 months and Joy is 7 weeks old.

Jim and his wife, Elena tried out all popular products and videos out there in the market to teach their kids, but none of these products have good reading techniques.

After months of vigorous research and days of hard work, he and his wife invented a technique and began teaching Raine with the same technique when she was 2 years 8 months old.

By the age of 4 years, she was at 3rd grade level! Yan decided to continue the same with their son Ethane. He was so fast that he and his sisters are now on the same level. Yan family decided to share their program with other parents due to its proven results.

What is included in the program?

The program is divided in two parts – Stage 1 and Stage 2. These two parts are further broken down to 50 simple chapters.

The chapters are small, easy to follow and to the point. The book states that you can start this program with your kid if he or she is 2.5 years old.

You can get quick access to wonderful tips, phonetic awareness and insiders’ techniques on how to teach kids to read and develop their intellect.

Even a 7 years old child can be taught from this program if parents think that their child has oral problems. The book has advanced literacy skills, enriched vocabulary by which our child can develop a true love for books.

Learn why “whole language learning” cause struggle to your child in reading. It also presents sequential and rational process of learning so that our kid can learn letter names, read out words, sentences and even short children books.


How does it work?

Jim has provided step wise, easy – to – follow instructions inside Children Learning Reading download. This will help your kid grow critical introductory reading skills.

It works by helping children to decode printed text quickly through the easy process of phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics. Phonemic awareness is one of the key aspects of reading.

If our kids lack phonemic awareness, they will have difficulty in reading. This program has simple, straight forward and clear stages which includes exercises for practicing at the end of every chapter.

It works by helping our kids develop phonemic understanding and thus, make them great readers.

You can also get private email counseling from Jim Yang to help you in the process.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

Is your kid studying in kindergarten or elementary school? It really doesn’t matter if he or she is a toddler of 2 years or a 5 year old junior- school goer who has reading issues.

The methods in this eBook will enable us to teach our kid to read easily and effectively.

  • Children Learning Reading program is for you if you have a toddler and you want your baby to start in life as early as possible and develop reading talent at an early age.
  • If your child is in pre-school and just learning to read, with this program you can increase his/ her learning pace.
  • If your child faces difficulty in reading or is lagging behind other students, this reading program is for you.


  • The introduction comprise of the benefits that an early reader gets in future and how it affects the academic career of our kids.
  • We need to spend just 10 – 15 minutes every day to assist your kids and make them reading champions.
  • The lessons can be given at home at your own convenience.
  • Step by step instructions makes it very easy to follow. Thus, even if we are in the middle of making a business presentation for tomorrow or baking a walnut cake, we can easily track the techniques and teach them to our children.
  • It has clear audio clips which help to correct punctuation of words, which we otherwise spell or speak in wrong way.
  • The results and reviews shared by loads of other parents shows that the book is very useful and it is really helping children to read
  • It may not have won prizes or may not have developed by blue chip brands, but, it is way more reasonably priced than the rest. If you can grab the offer, you can get the entire 50 chapters in less than $50.


  • Do not expect your kids to sit in front of the audio video clips and learn all by themselves. Your assistance is thoroughly required throughout the program.

Does The Product Work?

The product definitely works. They result may vary from kids to kids. One child may cross stage 1 in three months whereas another child may take 6 months to complete the same stage.

There are so many positive reviews and testimonial from parents who have fetched loads of benefits from Children Learning Reading program.

Let us see an example: Steve is a 4 year old boy who had difficulties in reading. No matter how hard his parents tried to make him learn, he was unable to recognize the letters properly. His parents thought he has low IQ levels.

But when they came to know about this amazing eBook which shares unique and effective tips to help kids reading, they bought it.

Now they don’t believe how quickly their son has proceeded following the steps. Steve’s Mother says – “It is not the perfect course, but it was our life saver! It was just what we needed for Steve. I believe I will see much more improvement in him in the upcoming months.”



This product is recommended to all the parents who wish to see their kids start reading at the age of 2.5 years. The super easy instructions at every stage and innovative methods will develop reading skills at an early age.

By the time your child reach 3 years and fit to attend nursery schools, you will see him picking up story books and reading them fluently. Prepare your kid to face nonstop compliments from his teachers and loved ones; while you be the proud parents.

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