Personal Path To Pregnancy Reviews

Personal path to pregnancy is an eBook by Beth Kiley about improving your odds of conceiving naturally. Most of the people think getting pregnant requires some good luck too because there are few couples who get pregnant within weeks and others who take years to conceive.

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The latter is an issue in the case of older couple as it has other health and financial risks involved. The book discloses various strategies about increasing the chances of getting pregnant that anyone hardly knew.

What is Personal Path to Pregnancy?

The eBook is created like a program that will increase the probability of you getting conceived, by following the instructions and ideas in the book. Fertility treatments are very costly and not everyone can try that.

This program helps you conceive successfully without spending high costs through the comprehensive guide it provides.

It is an eBook consisting of 62 pages the reveals many natural methods to increase fertility and does not depend on any surgery or medication.

The book consists of details that are results of personal research done by Beth Kiley for her own problem and she took so much time to jot down all the working methods that helped he conceive.

About the Author

The author Beth Kiley had suffered 5 miscarriages and suffered few years of infertility. She then visited lot of doctors, specialists and many professionals to find ways of making her idea a success.

Then she understood what was really working and what was not after big round of research. With the details she got from the interviews she had with doctors, specialists and other ideologists, she decided to what worked best for her.

Now she has two healthy children and she shares the best things that worked for her through this 62 page book that provides comprehensive ideas of conceiving successfully.

There are lots of testimonials that can be found on the Personal path to pregnancy website that thank the author for making their lives brighter.

What is Included in the Program?

The Personal Path to Pregnancy program consists of 6 chapters and the author Kiley promises that, whatever the result you might have got from the gynecologist, you will become pregnant at the end of this program, when you start following the instructions.

The first chapter discusses about her infertility story and the common causes for infertility. It also details about the psychology of the process of conception.

In the next chapter the author discusses about the ABCs of conception and the details of when and how to have sex. The chapter also includes various dos and don’ts to improve your chances of getting pregnant exponentially.

The third chapter talks about a woman’s ovulation cycle and how important it is to understand this to make your conception dream a success. She describes methods of getting on par with the ovulation cycle and understanding your body.

The fourth and fifth chapter discusses about the relationship between fertility and nutrition. The author educates you on how small changes in the diet can help increase you rate of fertility. In the last chapter the author explains about taking medical help for infertility.

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How Does It Work?

The information in the eBook has been jotted down after years of research and personal experience. So the author Kiley promises that this would definitely give you the gift of conception like she got.

By reading the book completely you get to know various details that you seldom knew about your own body and your own psychology.

Following the instructions from this book regarding the steps, dos and don’ts, the concept of ovulation and other nutrition plans, Kiley is too sure that you will get conceived by using the tips from the book.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for the Product?

The ideal candidates for this program are anyone yearning to get conceived but not able to for various reasons. If you are eagerly waiting to get pregnant and somehow it keeps failing every month, then this program is for you.

The author herself has suffered miscarriages and infertility for years. She is a mother of 2 healthy kids now and wants to share the secrets that helped her to conceive. If the doctors have given you a negative result about getting conceived, this program is for you too.


The program apparently does not have obvious negative points to provide. The various good facts about the program are:

  • The secrets revealed in this Personal path to pregnancy book are totally valuable and we hardly know them.
  • The program clearly details you about the ovulation process that happens in a woman’s body. Understanding this properly is the first step towards successful conception.
  • The program educates you clearly about when your fertile window happens.
  • Details about various nutritional foods one must have and must not lack in order to get pregnant
  • The Personal path to pregnancy program also details about the vitamins that you must have to increase your productivity level to a higher level.
  • This also details about the mistakes we make regarding sleep that might affect the chances of getting pregnant drastically.
  • The program also details about the habits that might induce infertility.
  • This program also explains about the beverages that help you to increase the chance of conception and way of increasing the cervical mucus that will help the sperm to reach your egg.

Does The Product Work?

The product itself is a success story of the author Kiley after she had suffered various miscarriages and infertility for years. She assures the readers that they will surely conceive after following the instructions given in the eBook.

The official website of the author also has various testimonials that thank Kiley for making their lives happier and making their conception a success story.


The Recommendation

If you are worried that you haven’t conceived yet and you are earning to get a baby, this is the book you should read. The book describes about the ways of increasing the probability of getting pregnant by knowing the physiology, psychology and other daily nutritional facts.

With the help of this book you would be able to recover the stage of infertility and can enjoy the pleasure of becoming the mother of a healthy and cute baby.

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