Plan My Baby Reviews

So you are parents who have battling with the struggle of selecting the gender of their child? You have tried your level best to get that girl or that boy but all that bears nothing close to success?

Then you need to have a close look at Alicia’s Plan My Baby book. It will help you in easing the journey of holding that little boy or girl you desire.


So What is This Plan My Baby Book?

Plan My Baby is a book that has been authored by Alicia Pennington which gives parents guidelines and important pointers which can help them in selecting the gender of their baby.

It is a gender selection book that is well researched and contains data that informs mothers or couples on the factors that affect the gender of a baby.

It also give information on how to use these factors to heighten the chances of having a baby of the desired gender.

Who is the Author of Plan My Baby….Prince or Princess Guide?

Alicia Pennington is the author of this book. For 12 years, Alicia had been a midwife and she interacted a lot with pregnant mothers during the period of pregnancy all the way to the delivery period.

You can be sure she is rich with information concerning pre-conception and conception period.

It is during this period that she came across a mother who had given birth to her 3rd girl, contrary to her desire to have a boy. This got the mother and her so devastated and this became her turning point.

This experience got her interested in gender selection methods. She therefore carried out research on this topic and attended pre-conception courses by reputable doctors. She also talked to her patients and the successful gender selection methods they had used.

It is from this comprehensive study that she identified the selection methods that were proven to work and summarized them in her book. She and her husband used it and they were able to hold that baby girl they had desired.

What is Included in Plan My Baby book?

Alicia divided her book in three major segments. She dedicates each segment to a particular step that a mother is needed to follow before conception so that she can be successful in delivering the desired boy or girl. Below are the three major segments:

  • Section 1- About ovulation.

She explains why it is crucial to monitor your menstrual cycle so that you can be aware of the time you will be ovulating. She also emphasizes on knowing that, in relation to ovulation, timing your sexual intercourse is important.

Information found here include acidic and alkaline ph. level and how it could determine the gender of your baby. From this segment, you will able to know how you can do your sex timing right so that you can conceive the baby of your choice.

  • Section 2- Diet and its role.

This section talks on diet and gives more information on the diet one needs to take to heighten the chances of getting the intended baby gender.

She gives you information about the foods that you need to include or exclude in your diet. She tells which food you require so as to increase or lower the vaginal ph. level for improved chances of getting the desired gender.

She puts it clear that some changes which may be viewed as insignificant could have a significant influence on your chances.

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  • Section 3- the sex positions that are mostly advocated for.

The positions and styles you pull in the bed can have an impact on gender determination. In this particular section, Alicia educates you on the best sex positions which can increase the chances of a boy conception and the ones that favor a girl conception.

These sex positions determine the interaction of the X and Y chromosomes. You will know how to determine the sperm which will meet the X chromosome.

She makes it easy for us by having some graphical presentations with explanation for better comprehension.

How does it work?

The working of this guide depends on your ability to pay attention to the details. Remember to monitor the menstrual cycle so that you are aware of your ovulation time.

Pay close attention to the kind of diet you adopt as it affects your ph. level which influences your chances of getting a boy or a girl. Observe the sex positions you adopt in bed as they influence the X or Y chromosomes which meet the X chromosome from the lady.

Who is the ideal candidate for Plan My Baby?

This book is ideal for all mothers or couples who would want to conceive. Those that are struggling with choosing the gender of their child, this guide comes handy as it will give you natural and proven remedies to do so.


There are several benefits which can make trust the workability of this guide. Below are some of the advantages:

  • The guide is simple to read and understand because of the simple language used and the graphical representation which boost your understanding.
  • It gives scientific facts and logically presents the information in each section. This gives you a more reason to trust it because she backs up her information with proven scientific facts.
  • You can trust that you got adequate information on pre-conception as Alicia carried out intense research. She attended courses by reputable doctors and conducted extensive interviews with her patients to compose this guide.
  • You can trust that your money will be safe as you purchase your guide through Clickbank which is a reputable online payment processor.
  • There is a high success level of 94%. At least she does not give unrealistic 100% which is usually the case with other websites.
  • There are a lot of positive reviews about Plan My Baby online and so this is a sign that it works.


  • Alicia promises a success rate of 94%. It would wise of her to explain the possible cause of the 6% failure.
  • The guide works well for healthy couples. It may fail to work for couples with any health and medical issues.


Does it work?

Looking at the people who have said it worked for them, then it is certain that one can give it a try and succeed. It worked for Alicia herself, and there is a promised 94% success. The positive reviews from different webs indicate that it works.


I would recommend this book to you. I mean, what do have to lose? What you try is all natural and so you have nothing to worry about. Give it a try and conceive the baby of your choice.

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