Start Potty Training Reviews

Toddlers spill energy and exuberance where ever they are. Parents or nannies, who are in charge of them for the whole day until they retire to sleep at night deserve salutation and praise as they are epitome of patience and smartness.

Clearing the mess created while playing, understanding kid’s language and aptly replying, answering trivial queries and all of these activities requires a lot of skill and ability.


Factually, first-time mom’s when asked to wean away their child from diapers and start potty training, start sweating profusely due to the stress endured.

Elder’s experience, friends advice, books and internet etc. suggest many best practices to get the child out of their nappies. But most of these techniques take a while to be effective as the kids need time to learn a new habit.

Amazingly, Carol Cline reveals simple yet effective method to potty train the toddlers within 3 days.

What is the Product?

Start potty Training in 3 Days is an online E-book written by Carol Cline. One can instantly download the E-book, FAQ and PDF download guide for reading the whole material.

There is audio guide in MP3 format for this book along with a training video. The E-book can be downloaded and read in a computer, smart phone or even a tablet without any extra technical assistance.

This digital product costs 37 $ and it has a 14 day trial option and money back guarantee. This number one rated potty training guide has been the most preferred material by parents and recommended by pediatricians and child psychiatrists.

Who is the Author?

A bestselling author and mother of notorious kids, Carol Cline has studied the behavioural pattern of kids closely and has come up with her 3 day Start Potty Training methods.

She is an expert who owns a daycare and guards many children under her able custody. In this book that is a documentation of her experiences in handling kids with various temperaments, she has used simple language and plenty of real life examples.

She has covered topics including the difference between training boys and girls, training twins, training while travel etc. Being a childcare expert she has included a special note on effective parenting skills and handling fear of poop, bed wetting, tantrums, regression etc.

This book is wholesome as Carol Cline has literally answered every single question of a worrisome and anxious parent.

What is Included in the Program?

The tagline for this program is ‘spend 37 $ instead of your next pack of diapers'. This program named Start Potty Training comprises of an e-book, Audio guide and video training material.

As bonus this guide comes with versions that are readable with all e-Readers like kindle, Nook, amazon, iPad etc.



  1. For children who love gifts and rewards, the program comes with reward charts and success certificates. The little one can proudly be captured under shutterbugs posing with certificate indicating successful completion of training.
  2. A free Q and A program is also available with this subscription where the parent can reach Carol Cline directly to ask their question with respect to their child. This personal support program is much appreciated as every child is unique in their manners and each one need a variation of the generic method that is not listed in a book.
  3. An effective parenting guide is also available in addition to the above gifts in the program as a package.

How Does It Work?

Carol Cline’s easy to follow method of potty training with no pressure on the child for night time training has benefited many. The concepts are easy to learn and implement. They work even on the most stubborn child.

The practices listed make the whole course of training less frustrating and a joyous ride for the parent and the kid. The author talks about the correct age to start the training, the equipment used for training, proper body mechanics and wiping methods etc. in detail.

The author has listed six crucial steps that the child must cross to complete the training and get rid of diapers once for all. Special mention concepts include the night time training approach where the kid is taught not to throw tantrum but use the potty on their own anytime, motivational tactics where the child gets excited instead of apathy to use the potty, and regression proof methods where the child does not revert back to diapers any day.

These methods make the child aware of personal hygiene associated with clean potty habits and also make them self-driven and motivated.

The program covers topics exclusive for parents related to handling kids and their habits when they suffer from constipation, urinary infection, dysentery etc.

The best reward that a parent gets out of this program is that the child feels easy to express his needs and urgency in the most laudable way.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for This Program?

Any child who has crossed the age of 1 and is capable of standing on their own and can take a few steps is eligible for this program.

As a toddler the child tries to achieve control over their ablution habits as they are busily engrossed in some other activity like playing or watching cartoons.To revoke this pattern and make the child express its desire to pass stools these steps be practiced.

Some parents who keep their child on diapers during travel or night time can use these effective steps and start potty training.

The program has benefited the most stubborn child and also mentally unstable children.rgency i the childpotty habits when they suffer from constipation, urinary contention, dys


The advantages of using the Start Potty Training program are as follows:

  • Effective results within 72 hours
  • Fast to learn and implement
  • Multiple tips to get the technique work faster
  • Direct and online helpline from the author herself
  • Value for money
  • Trial offer and money back guarantee


The disadvantages though minimal are listed below:

  • The program is available only in digital format and no print edition is available
  • The program works only if the entire practice is vigorously followed for 3 consecutive days.

Does the Product Work?

As this is a baby product the questions and anxiety related to its usability are more. The success of this product worldwide is the answer to these questions.

The program to start potty training in 3 days is a blend of many tried and tested techniques applied on children.

Most of the listed steps are simple and common sense that when practiced with full confidence gives success at every level. Hence these methods are 100 percent fool proof and effective.



This program is definitely worth a try as this is a wholesome course helping both parents and children at one go.

This course lists all the strategies to train boys and girls , equipment details, preparatory tips and most importantly the ways to read the child’s mind and clear their doubts and inhibitions related to switching from diaper to potty.

Direct helpline, guide books, audio guides are novel ways and means to reach the audience and the author has achieved success in her motto.

Any successful product in market has counter force to hamper its popularity. There have been numerous fake scams and false alerts related to the credibility of this product.

Many websites publish free download of this e-book as well. All these have been falsified by the author herself through print and social media.

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