Pregnancy Without Pounds Reviews

This is an e-book that is used by pregnant women who want to lose weight or who want to control weight gain during pregnancy and they need to get honest opinions before buying pregnancy without pounds e-book.

This review has been done so that it can assist you to make an intelligent decision on whether to buy the book or not. It also helps you to get a clear picture of the e book and this way you are able to know if the hype about it is overrated.



If after reading it you are still convinced that it is the right e book with the right information, then you can go ahead and buy it to avoid gaining weight during your pregnancy or it can help you shed some weight too.

Who is the author?

This e book was created by Mitchell Moss whose inspiration was having stumbled on the biggest secret of controlling weight gain during pregnancy and shedding weight after giving birth.

Any woman who has gone through child birth would say how great it feels to bring your child to the world but at the same time it comes with challenges.

The body completely changes in terms of shape, figure and even the weight gain and at this point you get some women who lose their self-esteem and feel they are ugly and maybe their spouses can dump them for other women with better body shapes.

What is included in the program?

This e book contains clear information on the possible areas of the body to gain weight, the different kind of bodies and how to deal with it.

Here is some of the information that is highlighted in the e book and can be of great use to pregnant ladies.

Information on strengthening exercises

Work out routines has been divided into three different types because of different bodies, varying fitness levels and for different heath conditions and issues.

The workout not only helps you to maintain tone and body shape but it also helps your muscles to prepare for child birth. Having done the right exercises, the child birth therefore get very smooth and no complications.

Help with postpartum weight loss

Pregnancy without pounds e book also gives you the guideline on how to lose weight after giving birth without having some routine workouts that will strain you and the body might not be ready for.

You will also not need to take unhealthy diets to control weight gain but the e book will sure help.

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Helps in dealing with food cravings

During pregnancy, most of the women tend to believe that whatever they crave for or whatever they feel like eating is what the baby wants hence they end up gaining too much weight because the cravings could be for fatty foods.

It is only in your mind and with the help of the pregnancy without pounds e book, the mindset can be controlled completely.

Helps you to deal with pregnancy mood swings

Due to the hormonal changes, many women if not all have the mood swings and sometimes it is emotional and can get out of hand.This book gives you great advice to prevent yourself from having the mood swings which can really affect your partner.

It insights on the prevention of cellulite raising

The appearance of a cellulite that is mostly dimpled can be a real turn off to anyone. This programme has really helped women to prevent the cellulite becoming visible.

With no doubt its appearance can be the most disconcerting to any woman but the e book has all the details of how to deal with it.

How does it work?

Having gone through and understood all the information in the e book, you can easily live your dream of weight loss. All you have to do is apply everything that is in the e book and the rest will fall into place.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

This ebook is ideal for ladies who are pregnant, who hope to be pregnant one day and those who already have gone through child birth because all the relevant information is included in ‘pregnancy without pounds' e book.This e book has its pros and cons though;


  • The e book follows a planned and systematic programme of weight loss
  • The information on the e book is relevant because it is based on research that has been done for many years
  • The author is an expert in the field because she too has gone through the same path of motherhood.
  • Women with varying body shapes and types have been provided with different guides by the e book.
  • The e book explains widely about main cause of food cravings which is the biggest problem in pregnancy
  • The e book gives you tips on how to deal with the food cravings and how to control the mindset
  • You do not have to worry about the e book because you are given a two months money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

The author of pregnancy without pounds has over 15 years of experience in the industry of fitness and having gone through two pregnancies, many women worldwide are looking up to her for advice and she really has offered the best advice any woman could ever get through the e book.


  • Very demanding in terms of exercise plans

You have to use each and every piece of information on the e book for you to achieve your goal.It is therefore of no use to read the e book if you are not committed to yourself in the fitness journey so basically there has to be effort for you to gain.


Does the product work?

Having seen the before and after pictures of women who have gone through this fitness journey, it is crystal clear that it has really worked positively for many women and they are happy with the results.


For any woman who want or has been dreaming of avoiding weight gain , any woman who want to shed weight gained after child birth, then pregnancy without pounds e book should be your companion. Invest on it and live your dream of fitness.

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