Reading Head Start Reviews

The product is a reading program that involves parents and children. As a parent, you engage your child for fifteen minutes every night for only three days a week.

During this time, you will witness your child developing the capacity to read letters, words with the aid of sounds. The designing of the program is such that your child enjoys reading the way he enjoys playing.

To give children the best results within the shortest period. Your child will also love reading on his own.

If your child is between one to nine years, make use of reading head start and you will have incredibly amazing results. Your child who used to show no interest in education soon becomes a champion.

A tail in class soon dives head start into leading position. Your child will get confidence throughout high school; get the best grades that will unlock her future career. It all starts with reading head start.

Who is the author?

The author of this amazing creation is Sarah Shepard. An English teacher and a mother. Sarah had been teaching English for more than eighteen years, she had a six-year-old boy who comes home one day with terribly poor results in English.

Being an English teacher, she got very embarrassed, and she decided to take immediate action. The program she developed for her children has become a solution to many kids reading problems.

What is included in the program?

The program’s digital consciousness has developed a reading head start digital platform. This platform allows you to access the program online.

If your lesson comes on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Mondays and you happen to be at the grandmother’s, you can just continue by just logging into your phone, tablet, or pc.

The online website will lead you to open an account and options of tools, lessons, decodable books. You will identify your child’s reading level, and then the platform will lead you to a clear procedure on where to begin a forty weeks journey with your child.

How does it work?

The program contains lessons. Each lesson is progressive from the previous one allowing the child to gain a clear understanding of word formation and pronunciation.

All this depends on the child’s skills’ level. Children in the middle of the program, say, week twenty, will be able to write letters, learn letter sounds and word forms. Those in week one will deal with basics of phonology and sounds.

The lesson tab will lead you to the levels of learning. Each level contains lessons that are supposed to take forty weeks.

The progressive nature of these lessons creates curiosity in the minds of a child to look forward to the next lesson. The whole lesson structure acts as a guide to help the parent know what to learn and when.

The program enhances child's self-motivation. Each child becomes own candidate. Upon completion of any given lesson, the child is able to measure performance.

There is integration of Support tools into each lesson for support purposes. These Tools include irregular word cards, letter cards, sounds out cards, picture cards, advanced phonics cards and letter cards. With these, reading has just become so motivating. Not boring.

The child completes each lesson by taking an exercise or an activity. This acts as an evaluation tool. The child will have activities and tests at the end of each lesson.

This continues throughout the whole program. The performances in these lesson exercises will directly translate to your child’s overall performance in school.

Is it a scam?

The web space is full of many reading programs that promise better results for your kid. With the quest of achieving successful future for kids, many parents have fallen victims of frauds.

This has made them resent even good programs like reading head start. As a result, they have thrown a life’s fortune through the window.

Truth be told, reading head start has been proven scientifically to work and achieve the said results. Many millions of families have used it and given positive comments that are open for all to see.
It certainly is not perfect just like anything else on earth but it will work for your child.

List of pros

A. Self-evaluation

The program offers the learner a good opportunity to examine himself on his own without the extra cost of employing a tutor to do it. This gives the learner confidence and self-esteem to continue learning and aiming higher.

B. Free trial period

The program comes with an offer of the free trial that will take a maximum of three days. After that, you will need to purchase. The trial period will give you a chance to test the program and see whether it works.

C. Makes learning a game

Children love playing a lot. This program is designed in a way that the learner will have fun. You will always hear your child calling you for evening classes if in case you forget. Now that is not very common with kids. However, with the read head start they will be masters of their own destiny.

D. Easy to use

The program will teach you how to go about the syllabus with just a click. Watch and see how you take your child through. It is user-friendly and so easy to journey through. You will not believe how easy you are done with all the forty weeks.

E. Client’s satisfaction and reviews

The client who has used the reading head start have come back with positive testimonials and reviews. There is no better assurance. You purchase and use a program that you are sure that it worked for someone else. You remain confident that it will work for you too.

Who is the ideal candidate for the product?

  • If you are a parent with a one to nine-year child then this product is for you.
  • If your child has a history of failing in English and being the last in class, you surely are not going to ignore reading head start.
  • If your child used to be performing well but of late has not been performing, reading head start will boost their performance.
  • Teachers are a perfect match for reading head start. This product will give you precious nuggets and skills that you can use to boost the performance of your school.

Does the product work?

Sarah Shepard gives you a guarantee that this product will give you the promised results.

The numerous positive feedbacks, comments, and testimonials are open for all to see how reading head start is improving reading performance of many children. The product is proved scientifically to be very effective.


I do not hesitate to recommend this amazing product to learners and parent. Reading head start will remove the shame of poor performance from your family as it did to Sarah Shepard.

Give it a trial and you will not regret it. I am sure you too will also recommend it to fellow parents and friends.

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