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Talking To Toddlers is a program that helps parents learn the techniques of communicating with toddlers effectively. Chris Thompson created the program. Chris has authored various articles on parenting on various sites.

Often parents are frustrated trying to correct their children’s behavior. If communication between a parent and a child is weak, it gets even harder. Every parent goes through this stage and seeks out expert help.

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This program solves this basic problem and helps you control your toddler. This is a digital product that has 12 audio lessons and pdf documents to guide your through the process.

You could listen or read in your free time as mp3 and pdf files could can be accessed from your computer or phone.

About Author

Chris Thompson is the creator of this product. Chris is Platinum Expert Author for where he regularly writes article on parenting. He has thousands of readers all over the world.

Before he became a father, he had keen interest in learning communication strategies, motivation and even in hypnosis. He gained certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis through Dr. Mike Mandel.

During his certification, he learned about Neuro-Linguistic Programming or more popularly called as NLP. This is a simple tool for communicating with people.

When he became father, he found that the techniques he learned in his certification solved lot of his parenting issues. He was able to change the emotional state of toddler.

What is included in the Talk To Toddler Program?

The program is divided into 12 downloadable Mp3 and PDF version is included in the package. Program is also available on CD format on request but you will have to pay extra for shipping and handling.

Each of these audio acts as a lesson, which is around twenty minutes long. Audio lessons cover topics such as

1. Introduction
2. Double Blinds and Presuppositions
3. How to Get What You Without Saying No
4. Yes and No- compliance sets
5. Consistency and Commitment
6. Reciprocity
7. Picking Your Battles
8. Reframing
9. State Management and Anchoring
10. Embedded Comments and Quotes Technique
11. Dealing With Physical Pain
12. Threats and Punishments

Going through all these lessons does not take more than 6 hours. However, you could also go through PDF format that provides the summary of each chapter. To test the product you could try the first lesson of the program for free.

How Does It Work?

It is a simple audio course. Once you buy the product, you could download all the mp3 and pdf on to your device. As program is in mp3 format, you could run on your laptop, phone, or tab and learn.

Talking-To-toddlers-Chris-ThompsonWho could buy this program?

This program is for every parent who currently have problem with his or her toddler. Program is effective in providing several techniques to solve all your communication issues and handling the out of control child.

Even if you do not have any major issues with your kids, few techniques would help you discipline your kids. In addition, you will learn how to make your children self-confident.

Self-confidence is important part of this program because in process of controlling your child, you might reduce the confidence and you do not want your child to grow up suppressed self-confidence.


  • As program is available in digital formats, you could listen to it according your own schedule. You could listen to it while driving or before sleep. Program does not hinder your busy day, giving you a complete control over your time.
  • Program covers several aspects of parenting. You learn how to deal with problems, and there are plenty of solutions from Chris. You will understand the behavior of your child in much better way using the techniques in the program. As every problem is different for different individual, the program is versatile enough to help you solve any situation.
  • Effective solution not only help you control the behavior of your toddler but help you strengthen your relationship with your lovely kids. Hence, you will be able to spend quality time with your kids.
  • Presupposition and positive reinforcement methods are powerful lessons that will help your toddler understand your views without creating any tantrums. This methods works with human of any age, hence it could help you in your other areas of your life.
  • Chris Thompson does proved 60-day money back guarantee if you do not find this productive effective. Without any further questions, you will have complete refund.
  • Even if you lose your downloaded copy, you could just send a mail to Chris and you will have new link to download the program for free.


  • The program uses great deal of psychology of a two year old. Hence, the same logic may not effectively work with old kids.
  • Program also ignores mutual respect and mother’s natural instincts, which might hamper the correction process in some situations.
  • Program focuses more on resolving issues quickly or, to be more precious, quickly to avoid tantrums. Hence, at some level, building good habits over long period is overlooked.

How effective the program is?

Program uses Chris Thompson’s personal parenting experience and his expertise. With mere price of $37, which includes audio version and PDF guide, is good buy for parents. It is based on phycology of two-year-old child.

Thus, this techniques work for all kinds of toddlers. Moreover, program does solve issues instantly.

Dave Valentine from Winnipeg, Canada is one its satisfied customer. He believes it is one of a kind toddler-specific program.

Another customer, Kelly Goyer from Saskatoon tried some of its technique like presupposition and double blinds, he saw drastic change in the relationship with his two-year-old son. Both are closer and happier than ever.

These testimonies are great proof of effectiveness of this program and author’s expertise in the subject lends credibility to the product.

imagesOur Recommendation

Instead of going through stress and frustration of being parent, buying Talking To Toddlers is worth. Program is available at reasonable price so, you could give it a shot.

In case, you do not like the program within 60 days of purchase, you get full refund. However, the program will work only if you learn all 12 lessons and apply the techniques correctly.

You have to be determined enough to trust these techniques and be a good parent.

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